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Africa Merchant Bank Safe Custody
Merban Safe custody is where we keep your items of substantial value are kept. For every client depositing securities, we sets up what is called custody account. Safe Custody Services provide a facility to have your valuable documents and possessions secured in a safe place. Arrangements can be made with your nearest Merchant bank branch to store your valuables.

Overnight Safe
As you close for the day's businesses with little time to balance your books, we provide overnight safe services to ensure that your money is safe and secure till the next day. Call us and we will arrange pick up for you at your convenience.

Merban Standing Instructions
With a hectic schedule, our standing instruction is designed to save you time and effort when making regular payments such as utility bills. By simply providing your local Africa Merchant Bank branch with written instructions authorizing us to transfer funds on a specific date from your account to another account, you will have made your routine payments without stress. Moreover, account statements/passbooks will help you keep track of all your transactions to date.

Africa Merchant Bank Travellers Cheque
Our Merban traveler's Cheque is a reliable means of payment and receiving of cash while traveling abroad - it contains the Client's signature, and no one, but the owner of the Cheque, can use it. At Africa Merchant Bank you can get the traveler's cheques for any amount you need

Cash Delivery & Collection

Cash Collection is a reliable cash pick-up service provided on the customer's site. We help you reduce risk in cash handling after close of business or anytime needed. Cash will be picked up by a professional courier at your site and delivered to our nearest branch. Additionally, we provide Cash Delivery service to your branch and/or retail outlet as per specific instruction.  Your centralized account with us will be credited immediately.


Reduced risk: Africa Merchant Bank will be responsible for cash handling from your site(s) to the bank.

Simplified bank account: Only one account is needed to handle cash collection throughout the country. This method reduces the volume of idle funds in various bank accounts.

Simplified process: Your deposit information is sent to you at the end of the day for daily reconciliation.

Payment of Salaries
Processing salaries of staff can be a real headache at the close of each month. Because we understand that the business of business must be business, our salary-processing package takes care of that entire headache for you.

Contact us lets discuss this package today.

Registrar services
A unique specialized department offering the following services;
  1. Registration of Members of a company
  2. Maintaining records of shareholders and creditors
  3. Preparing share/bond certificates and the registration of transfer of ownership in respect of equity bond
  4. Share transfer and issues
  5. Organising annual General meetings
  6. Payment of dividends and interest to investors
  7. Dealing with correspondence pertaining to members of shareholders.


12 new town street,PigFarm Area 269 Accra Tel:+233-249-018110