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Our Major Archievement

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Our Major Archievement
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Major Achievements

The bank has over its 30 years of existence achieved a lot, notable amongst which are:

  • The establishment of hire purchase and leasing business in Ghana.
  • The promotion and formation of the first Discount House in Ghana.
  • Handled the share issues of 8 out of 10 companies when there was no Stock Exchange in Ghana in the 1970's.
  • The initiation of the preparatory work in the establishment of the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE).
  • The sponsorship and registrar of about 50% of the companies on the GSE.
  • The arrangement of the formation of the mortgage company (which is now the HFC Bank Limited)
  • Served as an advisory body during the acquisition of SSB Bank by Societe' Generale; and during the merger of Ashanti/Anglogold.

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