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What we do
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What we do...........

 ALL SOULS FOR CHRIST OUTREAH  MINISTRIES  INT'L (ASCOM ) is an evangelistic ministry with the commission to reach out  to the lost in the villages, streets, market places, parks, homes etc with the gospel of Christ. In this way, we hope to reach out to those who neither come to church nor to the crusade grounds. We reach out to the sinners where they are with the gospel.

We also conduct mass crusades in quarters, towns and villages for the salvation of souls.
The ministry also conducts evangelistic training and workshops to enable Christians to evangelize effectively.

Our goal is to take the gospel of Christ to the lost people in the streets, markets, homes, villages and towns in West Africa. Going to villages with many volunteers from USA, Canada and UK, sharing the gospel of Christ with free bibles, food, clothes, tracts and books .We are doing all this through crusades , revival, one to one evangelism. After the exercise, we will handover all the souls won to a bible believing church in that vicinity for spiritual nutrition.

Using the Reached to Reach the Unreached in the Rural Areas