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All Souls for Christ Outreach Ministries Int'l (ASCOM INT'L):

 Our mission is to send good news about Jesus Christ to the remote Villages and Towns in Africa and also to hunt souls for the Lord. The Ministry started in the year 2000 and it has been a blessing to many villages in Ghana and Nigeria  

Reaching the world
The world is our parish

The expanded vision for ASCOM INTL is to “raise up” at least one thousand workers to minister in the market places and the villages of Africa and the world.  Our prayer and vision is to train many more thousands of Christians on how to be a bold witness of the gospel in the market places and in their daily lives.
Opening this ministry to foreign fields is a major part of the future vision.  We have introduced the concept of markets and villages ministries into Nigeria, Ghana and Togo with great results. Letters are received weekly from foreign mission fields with an expressed interest in Ascom Intl’s villages and market places approach.  As the Lord leads and provides, we look forward to expanding into the following countries: Burkinaso, the Republic of BeninCamerounSenegal and Liberia.
As interest accelerates in ways to reach the lost,
ASCOM INTL is praying for a 1,000 missionaries/workers and a training facility which could accommodate the many needs of such an effort.
Our country and world need the “Good News” of the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ so desperately.  Please pray about what part God may have for you in this unique and
ASCOM INTL ministry.



Using the Reached to Reach the Unreached in the Rural Areas