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We just want you to know our coming events and how you can be part


Ascom Rescue Team will be in Bayelsea State Nigeria by 20th NOVEMEBER till  10th December 2010
For Operation Rescue in .Please pray along with us.

Ascom News

The Africa Director Dr David   will be in Ghana from 12th of september 2010,with  the Delta State Direcor  Dr O.Paul reaching the unreacd in the Villages in Kumas, with a programme title UNCOMMON FAVOUR which will enable Ascom Intl to get more directors and to reachout to widows and orphas in the village.
Pray along for this great evangelistic vistits 

We are looking for Missions Directors world-wide.If you are interested quickly join us online and your application will be reviewed immediately.

The EGYPTChapters of Ascom Intl will soon be open very if you are in Egypt quikly join us online

Using the Reached to Reach the Unreached in the Rural Areas