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This is our unbeatable team who has dedicated their lives for this ministry. They are ready to go any mile for the sake of lost souls in the rural areas. Feel free to interact with them


Steven Paul Jenkins to Arlene & Oscar Jenkins in Sandusky, Ohio U S A in February 13th 1959
Educational Information and background
1964-1977 primary and high schools in Sandusky Ohio schools (G E D)
1981- 1982 College at Stautzenberger College, Toledo, Ohio Medical laboratory studies
1986 - 1988 College degree through terra technical college, Fremont, Ohio Automotive technology
1985 Source of Light Schools Bible studies (while in prison)
1993 - 1995 Firelands Bible training Center - Ministerial degree (North Coast Community Center, Sandusky, Ohio)
2005 - 2006- Universal life church seminary further studies in Biblical study (for theology)
2007- United Christian Faith Ministries Discipleship program studies
Personal studies on regular basis, also working on writing two books currently, one in India and one in U S A.

Christian service
1973 served as an altar worker for Billy Graham movie “Time to Run” in local theaters for youth (through Faith Memorial Church-Assembly of God, Sandusky, Ohio)
1979-1982 Attended Wayside Temple Church Castalia, Ohio (non denominational)
1982-1988 Spent as owner operator of J & L auto repair shop in Fremont, Ohio
1985 (spent time in backslidden condition) Was sentenced to a 2-15 year term for Attempt to sell marijuana (served 4 months) Mansfield Reformatory, Mansfield, Ohio (completed Bible study courses and conducted/led bible studies while in prison)
1989-1990 Founded a race car ministry called “Motion Ministries” while we raced at local mile race track in Sandusky, Ohio
1991-1999 Joined Christian Motorcycle club ministries “The Sons of God mc ministry”
1992-1999 Served as founding president of local chapter of Sons of God mc ministry
1992-1995 Helped my wife to begin her clown ministry called “Sonshine Fun shine Clown Ministry” (performing on television, radio and out in streets in many cities in state of Ohio with all 3 of our children and our sister in law and niece)
1993-2000 Served in many positions in our home church ( North Coast Community Church) as leaders of benevolence ministry, evangelism directors and conducted many city wide crusades for Easter and Christmas holidays giving away thousands of gifts and food packages to low income and drug infested neighborhoods in Sandusky, Ohio
1996-1998 Served as Evangelistic Director of Restoration Center for Fallen Humanity in Sandusky, Ohio helping to clothe, feed and teach low to no income residents of the community, doing many give away programs and distributing bibles in the community also working with welfare recipients to do community service hours. We also worked with ex offenders as well helping them to transition back into society.
1994 Studied under Bill Glass Prison Ministry
1995 Studied under Prison Fellowship program also doing many events in prisons in this tri state area over the next few years while president of The Sons of God mc.
1999-2000 Founded Johnnys Appleseed Outreach Ministries locally helping low income people find work daily and began to build bible studies for new Christians through J A S.
2004-2007(spring) served as assistant Director of “Dream Chaser Farm” a farm for special needs children and their families.
2007 Actively pursuing ministry outreach through Johnnys Appleseed Outreach Ministries building networks around the globe, one contact at a time.


PHILIPINE REPRESENTATIVE:ELMER A. DIANGA In 1993, I was working as a translator of the Rev. & Mrs. David Douglas,an American Missionary to the Tribal Community (Blaan tribe). I translated Sunday School materials.


Sometime in 1994, I began to work as a full time pastor under the umbrella of CAMACOP Organization (Sultan District), certification is hereto attached. We worked among the non-ethnic community, but God is still shaping and preparing me for tribal works. From 1997, I step out from God’s work/ministry to shift my desire in a secular employment until 1999.


In year 2000, God woke me up from my commitment in a Christian service as an evangelist to the tribal community.


In the year 2001, the Praise and Christian Fellowship invited me in their crusade in Deliverance Ministry. During this period of ministry, I have learned how demons managed to work and establish territories in the life of humanity, particularly tribesmen that are being deceived by satan’s lies, hiding in the cultural beliefs.


Year 2006, God reminded me of my commitment to serve him among the tribal communities. My family decided to focus on a local mission organization to reach the unreached sinners in the streets, prison, villages, houses, malls, gov’t agencies by conducting evangelism and public crusades, and book distribution. To this end, this year’s activity the team of the Mission of Reconciliation came in through my invitation in the person of Pastor Carl Henderson, an American Missionary evangelist and trainer to teach evangelism course and train the participants on approaches. It was bringing good results (Photo and Report of Henderson is also attached).He was contributing educational approached among the participants to understand the Great Commission. Likewise, I became a coworker of the New Life Mission, my source for book distribution. I became a volunteer of the Parole and Probation Administration(Under the umbrella of Department of Justice) in our city to conduct value formation and spiritual renewal, counseling, job placement- to this end evangelism is the core purpose. For the meantime, the Jericho Inn Ministry Inc. is also working with me for evangelism purposes.




Ireland Representative      Dr Bright Obikwesili Udemezue was born 26th December 1960 attended St Theresa Primry School Abakaliki ,G.E.S Warri Secondary Technical and further his High Institution at Institute of management and Technology ,Enugu.

He gave his life to Christ 1987 at Chuch of God Ohieze port-harcourt and baptised the same year,he bacme a worker in his church nad was so effective and went for Theological training at Faith Christian Theological Seminary Ota,B.A Theology,B.A.C Spiritual Theraphy,Pyschology,Doctor of Divinity.He is a chaplain and happily married to Victoria .They were blessed with wonderful Children.

He is a chrstian counsellor,that is why is been recomended and nominated for Ascom Int'lNational Counselor Co-orinator/Ireland Representative.


 I was born on October 1st, 1952 at Royal Palace and from Royal families, Umunede. I attended Ukpeghoro Primary School Umunede in 1958. In 1963 I entered Anglican Grammar School. Then, I became a married man in the year October 1st 1978. I have my first child on October 1st 1979.
Moreover, I was a Christian but haven’t fully repented. I became a born again Christian on October 1st 1980. Thereafter, I was baptized in the Holy Ghost on October 30th 1980. I was also baptized imantion on October 1st 1981.
On October 1st 1981, I was called by God I was ordained evangelist on October 2nd 1982. October 1st 1982, second child was born. The same 1982 till now I’m evangelizing in Nigeria. 1983 October 1st, I was ordained Pastor  1983, because of too-much suffering and I have nobody to help me, I joined company, SNIGE OIL FILL ENGINEERING in Nigeria. From there,  I graduated as oil fill engineering and civil engineering.
On the 1st day of October 1984, I entered into FULL HOUSE SCHOOL OF MISSION. As extension of NEW COVENANT INT’L Theological Seminary U.S.A. On the 1st day of June 1996, I graduated with Diploma in Theology.
On 28th to 29th July 1998, Delta Ministry of Health Asaba, Organized Medical Seminar at Ika National hall Agbor. For patent medicine dealer in Delta State, which I am a member. On October 1st, 2008 National drug Law enforcement agency (N.D.L.E.A.), Delta State command organized one day seminar for Nigeria Association of Patent and Proprietary Medicine Dealers (NAPPMED) of Delta State. THEME: Improving health of the Nation from the grass root.
On 24th day of June 2004, Nestle Nutrition Organised Competition for National Secondary School Championship, Delta State. I become one of their champion. So, I am now health officer.
Furtherstill, on October 1st 1985, third child was born and she is a baby girl.
On August 20th 2000, I was ordained as a Reverened Priest. Today, I am Rev. Priest. Pastor Evangelist Missionary Onyeagwu Ikechukwu God’s Power. I Timothy 3;1-7; Jeremiah 1:4-5; Hebrew 5:4, under the leadership of Jesus  Christ. 1987 November, I joined P.S.S.M. for all young folk of all ages in all places. When I graduated, I was honour because I was the best student. June 4th 1987, fourth child was born and he is a baby boy October 1st, 1990, fifth child was born. October 1st, 1991, I went my second missionary journey to Ekwuoma and I send so many pastors to handle the branch of the church but the church scattered; and the whole members run and entered into one church and the another.
January 1st 2001, I went to Ekwuoma for my third missionary journey, only to find four (4) adults, six (6) youths and ten (10) children they were staying inside one room for fellowship which I was not happy as a missionary. Then, I decided to looked for land where to build the temple of God when I got land, I met most of my strong members and told them that I have gotten a land. Then, I asked them to bring the money with which to buy the land. They responded by given me the sum of Twenty Thousand Naria (N20,000.00). The total cost of that land was Eighty Thousand Naira (N80,000.00) as for that time.
Later on, August 3rd, 2003, I did launching for the church building and I realized the sum of Hundred Thousand Naira only (N100,000.00), which I used to start the church foundation. Then, the church begun to grow spiritually and physically, but there was no enough finance because I have no sponsor and since 1980, when I begun to evangelized in Nigeria, I suffered terrible. So, because of that, I entered into farming and trading. Today, I am a farmer and a trader. From this business, I sponsor myself. I also seen the need of printing tract, so that as a missionary to reach unreached in the whole world which I have no money to pay for flight ticket    to travel to reach unreached in all over the whole world.
So, I Onyeagwu World Outreach Ministries have reached so many people in Nigeria and so many countries in the world with my tract, THEME: Jesus is the answer. This tract has saved many people in Nigeria and so many countries in the world. It has led them to Jesus Christ the master and the saviour of the whole world.
A time came when  I could not see the money to print the tract so I need your  hel p in order that I will see sufficient money to continue my ministries (OWO) Onyeagwu World Outreach Ministries. By the grace of God, since October 1st 1980 to September 14th 2008, I have raised so many general overseers, many pastors and so many Christians that are born again. On fifth of September, 2008, one Dr. S. A. David, Africa director and Dr. O. Paul, Delta State director. Both of them are members of ASCOM Int‘l Nigeria, Africa. They introduced ASCOM Int’l to me (All souls for Christ Outreach Ministries. I quickly accepted it because I discovered we are of the same mission that says, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nation and then, the end will come, Matthew 24:4”, Acts 1:8.


Rev Gabriel Ogunjobi WESTERN NIGERIA REP  is a dynamic preacher, teacher, evangelist and prophet sent by God to this generation. He was born into an idol worshipping family in a village called Ayede, Ado Odo Ota, Local Government of Ogun State of Nigeria. In the same year he was ordained, the Lord God sent him to start a ministry in an idol worshipping village like his village called Ifo, Ogun State of Nigeria. He obeyed and the Lord helped him to establish the church in 1999. In this way,many muslims and idol worshippers have come to know the Lord God and had been saved.He is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Holy Ghost Deliverance Mission, Ifo, Ogun State of Nigeria .He is also a travelling evangelist and prophet to different ministries/churches that need  his service within Nigeria and he loves mission work. That is why he is representing ASCOM Intl in Ogun state, Nigeria.



Yetunde Ojajuni  Easther
West NigeriaMid-Wife Director
was born 14th Dec 1979 in ibadan the capital city of oyo state in ibadan,gave her life to Christ 1999 and she love the things of God.She is a nurse having worked with severals hospital such as Ishak medical hospital,Temitope Hospital and presently working on her own.
She love reading and traveling.




Andhra pradesh India Representative
REV.DR.SAMUEL JAVAJI was born  15-09-1953 at Pamula Pahad, Nalgonda Dist.   Has B.SC.,B.D,D.M    Baptisted on 25-12-1968 and dedicated his  Life to Chirst in 1970 Studied  Biblical Studies  at Eluru Started Ministry at Mukundapuram from 1973 to 1977 (5years) served in another place called Pamulapahad 1977 to 1979 and served in another place  called Thungapahad 1979 to 1980 May He was ordained in the year 1980 working in His present ministry at Miryalguda Town Andhra pradesh India married to  Smt. Navaneetha Samuel Pastoramma and blessed with five children  Eldest Son also Dedicated his life in to  Ministry


Bangalore,India Representative

BOYELLA SWAMIDOSS PRABHAKAR  was born  02.11.1963 and  attended American College in 1984 and  Qualified  as Master of Science B.S .C Zoology.  also proceeded his education careera at Annamalai University, Chidambaram, T and qualified M.S.C Biology .He has 19  years experience in formulation and implementation of sericulture based rural development and poverty eradication projects. Study tours and field visits have been undertaken to  evaluate the performance of various projects.  He love Reading innovative  ideas and practises. Helping rural and poor women for their empowerment. Helping poor children for their education.Boyella is married and blessed with wonderful Children .But Now in Christ doing great by Assisting poor children for their education. He is appointed a Mission Director  Govindaraja Nagar, Bangalore-560 040. India.



Rev. Andrew R. Gardour
LIBERIA REPRESENTATIVE was born unto the union of a Christian parents.He came up on a mission called the United Liberia Inland Mission.

In the year 1985, He received the Lord as my personal Saviour. Since that time, he has been working in the Lord Vine Yard.

He served there as a youth leader and than having seen my commitment to the work, the pastor at that time made him an acting Evangelist for the church. he served in that area for some years and went back to the city where he decided to establish his ministry of which he is the General Overseer.

He became a pastor from 2000 and by 2002 and was ordained by one of the Bishops of our land. Since than, He has pastored the head church and also work with some Evangelistic ministries here in Liberia.

he got Associate Degree (AA) in Biblical Studies and a Bachelor of Art Degree(BA) in Theology.

He is married and blessed with a daughter also have two Dependants in my home.

Prophet Dr A.I Joseph
Nigeria Director

Dr Azomokwu Joseph is the founder and the senior pastor of CHAPEL OF RESURRECTION CHURCH located in Ketu ,lagos .He is a prophet by calling and he is outreach mission experts.He has been working with ASCOM INTL for quit a time now.He has be planted many churches during an outreach trip with ASCOM INTL which he handed over  to pastors in the same enviroment and all the churches are doing well,except one that folded up due to the financial situation of the pastors in charge.He has been so supportive and he is open to any ministries for a rural evangelsim.He is blessed with a wonderful wife called Faith and their marriage is blessed with three kingdom kids namely Ephrahim ,Stephine and Joan.

African Director
Dr S.A David

THE AFRICAN DIRECTOR ASCOM INTL  Dr David Akinyosola was born on 24th Dec 1974 in Lagos state of Nigeria. He became born again in 1994 during a crusade organized by CHRIST APOSOLIC CHURCH IN KETU, LAGOS and since then he has never compromised his belief. He has served in many ministries such as Mount ZION Church, New Dimension Seminary, Living Voice Bible Church and Rescue Mission Ministries where he is still working as their mission Director. He is committed to winning souls for Christ. That is why God has used him in several ministries. He has planted several churches in West Africa and God has used him to train many in the mission field. Dr David loves praising God in all situations. That is why he is not afraid of any difficulty in ministry


ROMANIA REPRESENTATIVE Lorena Neagu, 27 years old.  Was born in Comanesti, Bacau,in a Christian family. She graduated the high-school in 2000 and after that, She was baptized and received God as a Personal Saviour.After that, Lorena went to Biblical Institute, named "Sola Scriptura",in Bacau .Now, she is a student at the University of "International Relations and European Studies”. Lorena also teaches English and French in a school near my city. She wants to help people around her, people who need God. Lorena love God more than anything and want to serve Him for all her   life. She believes God loves us all and we have to put all our trust in Him. Lorena want to do charity acts and I would like to see that everyone have a life with God. After a successful survey carried out by the board of Directors She was recommended and was appointed as the ROMANIA REPRESENTATIVE by the President


Minisotta Representative
Mrs Robyn Garlid and  was raised in Tasmania Australia and knew nothing of Jesus untill i was 7 years old
When some nabours told her that Jesus loves her, she knew the song but didnt know he was GOD in the flesh.
She went to my first sunday school when she was about 9 years old but didnt like it so only went 3 times.
and at the end of that year she was very surprised to recive a book from the sunday school that she attended and it always stayed in my memorie.
Then when she was about 27 years old and had 4 children she was asked to go to church with by a friend but she told her that she wasnt sure about going to church 
She was asked to attend a tent meeting evangelist Billy Gharam.
the next thing she knew  was standing up the front with many other people to be saved.On the ride home i talked to my friend about the experiance, it was as if i was someone else and was floating and crying at the same time, and still didnt know why.
GOD calls all his chosen in many diffrent ways, regardless of background and race. Robyn is now an evangelist,preaching the gospel of Jesus to many.
That is why was appointed to represent Ascom Int'l in her domain


 Mercy. F. Oyebanjo PROTOCOL OFFICER became a born again christian in her teens. She is a police officer with Nigeria Police force, currently in a Peace keeping mission field with the United Nation at Pristina, Kosovo. She loves reading and praying.

Mercy loves supporting ministers of God with her fiance. And she loves to give to the less privileged. That is why Ascom appointed her as Protocol officer.

Bro Ragaee Danial
Egypt Director


I am Ragaee Danial born in a Christian family that believes in the Lord Jesus Christ and acknowledges Him as a Savior. Since my early childhood, I used to go to the church. I used to attend the Sunday school regularly. I remember being a disciplined child. Nevertheless, my relationship with the Lord Jesus was superficial. In 2003, I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior and redeemer. After I underwent this situation, I decided to submit my life to my savior and redeemer.

The Lord Jesus is the companion of my life’s journey. Indeed, He is a ‘friend who sticks closer than a brother’. He always walks with me. I keep Him involved in everything I do. I live my life to please Him. I try hard to obey His commandments and respect and honor His teachings and percepts. I take Him as my role model and example. This was clearly evident in the way I led my life in the recent years.

In addition, I am currently busy working with poor and needy families, to help them meet their basic needs, such as their need for food, clothing, shelter, etc. For example, I help them to build simple houses, find the food they need to keep themselves alive, pool resources and efforts to support and provide for them, etc. I also work with the children, as well as with other adults working with different groups of children, in order to communicate to them the love of Jesus Christ, and provide them with opportunities to surrender their lives to the Lord.

Feel free to write us and let us know how we can assist you,

Using the Reached to Reach the Unreached in the Rural Areas